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Cerberus Beach House – Weekend Notes

‘The Cerberus is an award winning restaurant that in summer is bursting at the seams, delivering consistently outstanding food and atmosphere. In winter it is the most idyllic, calming and reinvigorating place to visit to wash away those winter blues. With a set lunch menu that is unbelievably priced at only $39 a head for three courses including a glass of wine or fizz. Ranked number one by Dimmi in Melbourne for restaurants with a view this is the place to come, reconnect with a friend, dine at your leisure and enjoy the healing benefits of a stunning view over the Bay.’

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Top food, views – without the hefty bill – Herald Sun

‘Between the rainbow-painted beach shacks and the Black Rock Yacht Club lies the upstairs-downstairs Beach House. Downstairs is the kiosk that services a beach that’s heaving in summer with families, grey-haired groups and dating duos, all waiting for their electronic buzzer to jump to life and tell them their fish and chips is ready. And those fish and chips are remarkably good, making our list of Melbourne’s 10 best last year.
You find the restaurant upstairs, which makes floor-to-ceiling open-windowed use of its million buck views in a perfect evocation of a shabby chic beach house, with bleached blond walls and simple brown timber tables and chairs doing little to distract from the main event.’

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Awe-inspiring Masterpiece – Food of the Soul

‘Cerberus Beach House aims to deliver the best from their produce and not damage the wallets that we are grasping onto so tightly these days. It’s a friendly and warm atmosphere with the team being outstanding in service. Owner Jamie Helliwell, Head Chef James Blight and team of Cerberus Beach House are here to showcase city dining in a place where family and friends can gather or perhaps for a romantic evening out.’

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Picture perfect – Food of the Soul

‘A gorgeous Winter menu does nothing but entice you towards their delicate sharing dishes for a lunch time feed whilst enjoying a glass of wine and relax. Each dish is prepared with respect to ensure each element is highlighted naturally with out overpowering one from the other. … I can’t ever fault Cerberus with it’s attention to detail both front and back of house. It’s always delivering the best whether it’s a quiet or jam packed day. Sunday night sessions are still going strong and is my favourite time to get down there. Who wouldn’t say no to some acoustic music while enjoying the serenity of Cerberus and Half Moon Bay.

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Cerberus Beach House – The Weekly Review

‘The 54-seat restaurant is booked out throughout summer (when parking is a bitch) and heavily patronised in winter, helped no doubt by damn reasonable prices, acceptance of tidy beach attire and an accessible, interesting wine list and a kids’ menu with a touch of class. Thanks to chef Barry Madgin, who has been at the helm for two years, the food is more than noteworthy and not, as I feared, inferior to the scenery. … Summer sky-blue walls and pale, polished-timber floors are the sensibly minimalistic backdrop to the vista-reverent décor at this seaside venue, which has arguably the finest view in Melbourne. The verdict? Somewhere special.’

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Things you must do in Melbourne – Lady Melbourne

‘The staff, the ambience, the food, the music: I’m just not really sure where to begin!  In fact talking of beginning, I wondered for a while whether I wanted to even blog about this or whether to keep it to myself as a hidden gem. … I loved that the owner Jamie was on hand to talk us through our meals and help us with dessert choice, and I love that the produce is locally sourced and seasonal. It’s got a great local vibe, it’s not fussy and the food is amazing. It’s most definitely a Melbourne gem and well worth the trip down Beach Rd for a meal and a glass of wine….or three.’

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The top 10 fish & chips in Melbourne –‘You won’t find a more classic location to enjoy your fish and chips than at Black Rock where this fish and chippery serves its fare to not only locals but to sunbakers on the beach, just metres from its counter. What else is there to order at such a spot than the classic fish and chips.’

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Mythical gatekeeper provides a really good feed – Weekend Notes

‘The food was spectacular. There were eight of us and between us we had prawns, calamari, fish cakes, steak and several kinds of fish. One thing I really noticed was the aroma. When the food arrived it not only looked great, you could practically taste its deliciousness before it arrived just from the yummy scents. … The service was fantastic. We were really well looked after with lots of smiles and good humour. They really knew their stuff too, apparently because they have staff tasting nights and can tell you what the dishes are like from personal experience.’

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